Gluten-free Gnocchi from scratch

Making gnocchi has always been a tradition in my family. We would get around the kitchen table to give our mom a hand in preparing everything: peeling the potatoes, boiling them to mash potato point, mixing the flour, rolling the dough into thinner strings, cutting the strings into smaller (2 cm length) cuts, then cooking… Continue reading Gluten-free Gnocchi from scratch


Chickpea Polpetas in Beetroot Sauce

Ohhh, polpetas! Love them! Not the meaty kind though 😉 The versatility of beans and grains that can be used to make polpetas is amazing. However, my experiment today was not the polpetas, but the sauce to go with them. You're thinking: hum, how about pasta sauce? Some tomato puree? But how about being a… Continue reading Chickpea Polpetas in Beetroot Sauce