“All Greens” Salad – with a purple tint

Continuing with my not-too-strict Vegan Keto Diet - as I eat what I please on Sundays, that includes potato chips - I came up with this idea for tonight's dinner. Using what we have planted in our backyard, we have it all fresh. From garden to plate. So here's a very simple but filling salad… Continue reading “All Greens” Salad – with a purple tint


Vegan Creamy Mushrooms and Yam

Ever longed for that creamy mushroom dish that normally comes with the traditional English breakfast? Well, I did. Until I learned how to make the vegan version. I missed being able to order a nice full breakfast, without the bacon and sausages of course. I love scrambled eggs and hash browns, so they stay. However,… Continue reading Vegan Creamy Mushrooms and Yam