Gluten-Free Taro Muffins

I gotta say this was one recipe that I was afraid wouldn't work out. It turned out delicious actually! A great afternoon snack or a quick bite for when you're in a hurry, these muffins are filling but not heavy in the stomach. That's not entirely surprising as one of the several benefits of taro… Continue reading Gluten-Free Taro Muffins


Satay Puffs

This is probably my best "made up" recipe ever. Those of you who have read my post on Dairy-free Brazilian "cheese" puffs are aware that not just that recipe, but much of my cooking involves tapioca starch. It is a rather common ingredient in Brazilian cooking and it's gluten-free! As I experiment in the kitchen with what… Continue reading Satay Puffs


Portobello Mushroom and Bok Choy Stirfry

As a quick meal for a lazy Saturday, this Portobello mushrooms and bok choy stir fry comes handy. I wanted something quick and easy to make for me and my fiance, and delicious too of course. Last thing I wanted today was to spend long hours in the kitchen. Gotta enjoy every minute that we… Continue reading Portobello Mushroom and Bok Choy Stirfry


Give Marmite a Chance

Weaning off of gluten-rich foods started as an option for me. I was getting very sick every time I had normal bread or some kind of pasta, and I couldn't put my finger in what was causing that until a former room mate warned me about the symptoms of "gluten intolerance". She suggested I stopped… Continue reading Give Marmite a Chance


Gluten-free Banana Pancake – It’s more delicious than it sounds!

I enjoy following several cooking blogs as I learn a lot from some, and I get ideas for my own cooking. I love to adapt some of the recipes I come across to fit in to my diet requirements (gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan) and a couple of weeks I found a banana pancake recipe that… Continue reading Gluten-free Banana Pancake – It’s more delicious than it sounds!