Carrot & Herbs Sauce to go with your vegan steak and roasts

Quick and easy to make, this dish works as a side or a complement to different vegan roasts, salads and pasta. 1 hand-full of mixed nuts, some fresh chives and rosemary leaves picked from our garden. I love using the pizza stone for this because the heat is more evenly distributed, which makes roasting rather… Continue reading Carrot & Herbs Sauce to go with your vegan steak and roasts


Chickpea Polpetas in Beetroot Sauce

Ohhh, polpetas! Love them! Not the meaty kind though 😉 The versatility of beans and grains that can be used to make polpetas is amazing. However, my experiment today was not the polpetas, but the sauce to go with them. You're thinking: hum, how about pasta sauce? Some tomato puree? But how about being a… Continue reading Chickpea Polpetas in Beetroot Sauce


Homemade Hummus – from scratch!

For those who may not know, Brazil carries a huge Arabic tradition. We have large Syrian and Lebanese communities all across the country, and they have influenced Brazilian culture in several ways, including culinary. My mother is from the Northern State of Para, where you will find social clubs that were originally made up exclusively… Continue reading Homemade Hummus – from scratch!