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Brazilian Hominy Cream or Canjica

On a previous post (Keeping your culture alive through cooking) I talked about being a Brazilian expatriate living in New Zealand for six years, and how I use some of my cooking skills to ease homesickness. During the months of June and July, we have these festivities across the country to celebrate some of our… Continue reading Brazilian Hominy Cream or Canjica


Vegan croquettes. Easy to make, nutritious and delicious!

Being from Brazil, you might think that it's pretty difficult to be a vegetarian/vegan when most of your typical dishes are made with pork, red meat and seafood. Well, I am not going to lie to you that being a pescatarian for 23 years has been an easy ride, especially being a teenager in Brazil… Continue reading Vegan croquettes. Easy to make, nutritious and delicious!

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Keeping your culture alive through cooking…

... And some partying.  Celebrating Brazil's famous June and July Festivities (Festas Junina e Julhina) Being Homesick has gotten harder in the past two years. It's probably because I haven't seen my Family for that exact amount of time. Winter also doesn't help much when it's all grey and rainy, like many days in NZ winter are. So, in… Continue reading Keeping your culture alive through cooking…


Homemade Hummus – from scratch!

For those who may not know, Brazil carries a huge Arabic tradition. We have large Syrian and Lebanese communities all across the country, and they have influenced Brazilian culture in several ways, including culinary. My mother is from the Northern State of Para, where you will find social clubs that were originally made up exclusively… Continue reading Homemade Hummus – from scratch!