“All Greens” Salad – with a purple tint

Continuing with my not-too-strict Vegan Keto Diet - as I eat what I please on Sundays, that includes potato chips - I came up with this idea for tonight's dinner. Using what we have planted in our backyard, we have it all fresh. From garden to plate. So here's a very simple but filling salad… Continue reading “All Greens” Salad – with a purple tint


Chickpea Polpetas in Beetroot Sauce

Ohhh, polpetas! Love them! Not the meaty kind though 😉 The versatility of beans and grains that can be used to make polpetas is amazing. However, my experiment today was not the polpetas, but the sauce to go with them. You're thinking: hum, how about pasta sauce? Some tomato puree? But how about being a… Continue reading Chickpea Polpetas in Beetroot Sauce