Homemade Coconut & Tapioca Yogurt

Making homemade yogurt was always quick and easy when I lived in Brazil. Sure, the constant heat helps the bacteria's job. You leave milk sitting out on the kitchen table overnight and you'll have fresh yogurt (or at least a thick layer of curd) the following morning. My parents taught me this easy task of… Continue reading Homemade Coconut & Tapioca Yogurt

Everything in between

Happy Eating can be Healthy Eating too

How I figured out that I needed to change my eating habit I was never too concerned about eating healthy in my teens or 20s. I stopped eating meat at 13, but not for health concerns. I never liked the taste or the texture. Although I have always loved and cared about animals, I can't… Continue reading Happy Eating can be Healthy Eating too


Vegan Mince and Mashed Potatoes

A great dinner idea for a Friday night. Life isn't just about watching calories. Especially after working for the whole week and watching what you eat every day, right? Friday night it's time to lay back and relax. An easy and quick meal, but that is also nutritious and delicious. That's my motto. Well, one… Continue reading Vegan Mince and Mashed Potatoes

Everything in between

The first step is always the scariest…

...but also one of the most exciting and unforgettable. As I've written before, I am starting a new business. A "personal cook" business here in Christchurch, New Zealand. I'm at the stage of promoting my blog and my Facebook page, and I have just joined Instagram (@annacooks4u), after several years of reluctance. I wasn't afraid… Continue reading The first step is always the scariest…