Berry & Banana sorbet

Nothing original, but this recipe is extremely easy and quick to make. Not to mention it's delicious and it "goes down" perfectly on a hot sunny spring day here in New Zealand. 2 bananas 1 cup of mixed berries 2 tablespoons of brown sugar Peel and chop the bananas. Then put the banana slices (in… Continue reading Berry & Banana sorbet


Banana or Apple & Chocolate pastry

There are so many things that we can make using virtually one type of fluten-free dough. After having tried a few different alternative flours to wheat, I have become a big fan of rice flour. However, I mix it with other flours to give the recipe more nutrition, more fiber and protein than plain rice… Continue reading Banana or Apple & Chocolate pastry


Guilty-free Carrot Cake

Gluten-free as well. Brazilian carrot cake is slightly different from its New Zealander counterpart. Instead of the white frosting, we make chocolate frosting instead. Due to a friend's visit today, whom I know has a high gluten intolerance, I decided to make a gluten-free Brazilian style carrot cake for her. We hadn't seen each other… Continue reading Guilty-free Carrot Cake