“All Greens” Salad – with a purple tint

Continuing with my not-too-strict Vegan Keto Diet – as I eat what I please on Sundays, that includes potato chips – I came up with this idea for tonight’s dinner.

Using what we have planted in our backyard, we have it all fresh. From garden to plate.

So here’s a very simple but filling salad recipe, rich in proteins, vitamins, anthocyanins and iron.

  • Purple lettuce
  • Raw spinach leaves
  • half of an avocado (sliced)
  • chives flower
  • fresh thyme
  • beetroot leaves

I recently read a list of vegetables that rank highest in protein. As you are probably aware, a good source of protein is essential for a healthy vegan lifestyle. Vegetarians may get loads of proteins from dairy and eggs, but veganism is far more limiting; hence, the importance of knowing where nutrients are and how your body can absorb most of the nutrients present in your food. That’s because the proteins and vitamins in certain grains, nuts and vegetables are not readily available for our bodies to absorb them. So, we need to cook these vegetables and grains, or at least leave the nuts soaking for a few hours, for example.

On the list I mention before, cooked/boiled beetroot leaves are among the protein-rich vegetables. Since we’ve harvested our first beetroots last weekend, imagine how pleased I was to have learned that we can use the entire plant for our consumption!

Harvesting our first beetroot

All the vegetables but the beetroot leaves were raw. I chopped the purple lettuce in stripes but left the spinach leaves whole.

Another interesting thing that I have only recently learned is that chives flowers are edible. So I picked one inflorescence, chopped it in tiny pieces along with some fresh thyme leaves to sprinkle over the salad as a final touch.

As for the beetroot leaves: I chopped then quickly stir-fried them in coconut oil for 5 minutes max (that was basically when I noticed that the leaves had turned glossy dark green).

Once the beetroot leaves were cooked, I placed all the vegetables on a plate ready to eat.

I also sprinkled some garlic granules, black-pepper and salt.

** If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you may use some raisins – in moderation as they rich in calories!

*** Add some walnuts to give this salad a crunchy feel.


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