Quinoa & Swede Patties

Topped with homemade nut cheese, tomato & vegan mince sauce.


For the patties

300 g of quinoa (soaked overnight)

200 g of grated swede

1 pinch of cumin

1 pinch of coriander

1 pinch of ground bay leaves

salt and black pepper to taste

Preparing the patties

Soak the quinoa in clean water overnight.

Mix the grated swede with the spices in a bowl and kept it in the fridge overnight as well.

Drain the quinoa in a sieve than mix it with the reaming ingredients in the bowl.

Make the patties and fry them on a skillet with only a drizzle of oil. Flip each patty to fry both sides evenly.

Set the fried patties on a baking tray and set them aside while you prepare the toppings.

For the nut cheese

  • 1 cup of ground nuts (I use the leftovers from when I make nut milk. See: How to Make your own Creamy Nut Milk)
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic (only if you want. I am a garlic maniac!)
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • salt to taste

Melt the coconut oil then blend it in a food processor with the other ingredients.

Blend it well until there’s only a paste.

For the tomato & TVP sauce

1 cup of TVP (textured vegetable protein)

250 ml of plain tomato (pasta) sauce

1 small onion

2 garlic cloves (chopped)

Salt and pepper to taste

In a small sauce pan…

Drizzle some vegetable oil and cook the chopped onion until white.

Add the tomato paste and TVP and mix them thoroughly (at medium to low heat).

add 1/2 cup of water and keep stirring until it starts boiling.

Add the chopped garlic cloves and cover the pan with a lid.

Cook the sauce for 10 (ten) minutes until the TVP is soft.

Set aside.

Baking the patties

With a wooden spoon or a spatula, spread the tomato & TVP mince sauce (first layer). Then spread the nut cheese (second layer).

Sprinkle some capers too if you’d like to give it a saltier taste to the dish. You can use green olives too.

Place the baking tray with the patties on the top shelf in a conventional oven so they can be closest to the element (electric oven). You want to quickly grill the nut cheese without drying the tomato & TVP sauce.

Grill patties for 10-15 minutes (or until the nut cheese turns golden, with a “grilled cheese” look) at 150-160°C, and no higher than that or the patties and the cheese may quickly burn.

Once grilled, complete the toppings with your choice of relish and/or pickles. For this recipe, I had my homemade cucumber preserve and a beetroot relish we got from family as Christmas gift.

Serve patties while hot.

**These patties can be kept in the freezer for up to a week without losing their flavor. All you need to do is wrap each one separately and re-heat them in a grill.

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