Banana Crackles

Here’s an idea to make crispy deep fried bananas to go with a nice vegetarian or vegan stew.

Twisting your nose?

Well, not just yet!

There are quite a few Brazilian dishes, stews in fact, that go beautifully with fried banana as a side dish.

Off the top of my head, there’s one fish stew made in Espírito Santo State (north of Rio de Janeiro State, also on the Southeastern coast) that calls for deep-fried banana.

Believe me. First time I heard about the fish stew with banana I twisted my nose too.

To my greatest surprise and pleasure, when I tried this dish several years ago, I could never forget it.

Nowadays, however, I don’t cook fish anymore. Even though I am not fully vegetarian yet, I don’t buy nor cook fish anymore. When the craving comes over me, I normally pick salmon which is farmed here in New Zealand.

But I’m not writing this post to justify myself. What I want to say is that deep-fried banana is a fantastic side dish for certain stews.

It is typically Brazilian to have banana with a savory dish: black beans, beef, even spaghetti! Maybe you will be surprised if one day you visit Brazil and you come across many people at lunch time having their meals and slicing a banana to go with it.

So, tonight I made what I’d like to call Banana Crackles. Crispy, deep-fried banana to have with some raw spinach, a squirt of lemon and some ground linseed and salt to give the dish a nutty (and omega-3-rich) flavor.

This is also a way of avoiding food waste by using that ripe banana that most people won’t touch once the skin is spotted.


3 ripe bananas

Maize to coat the banana

Cut each banana in half then slice each half longitudinally.

Remove the skin and coat the banana slices on the maize.

When the slices are thoroughly coated, place them one by one in a frying pan when the oil is hot.

Fry one side until golden, then turn each slice to fry both sides of the banana slices evenly.

Squirt some lemon and sprinkle salt and ground linseed over the banana slices and serve them hot.


When deep-fried like this, the banana slices will become curly and crispy on the outside.


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