Portobello Mushroom and Bok Choy Stirfry

As a quick meal for a lazy Saturday, this Portobello mushrooms and bok choy stir fry comes handy.

I wanted something quick and easy to make for me and my fiance, and delicious too of course. Last thing I wanted today was to spend long hours in the kitchen. Gotta enjoy every minute that we have together on the weekend.

So, I grabbed a bunch of bok choy from the local market, along with some mushrooms and headed home to make a stir fry.

We’re also getting about 7 to 9 eggs a day from our free-range chickens, which is fabulous. But that makes me constantly think about what to do with all the eggs.

Since it’s my motto to use as much of what I already have at home in my cooking, and avoid regular trips to markets, I decided a stir fry with eggs would be perfect.

I chopped then fried, at medium heat for 5 minutes, two medium onions, 1/2 red capsicum, 1/2 green capsicum in a mixture of coconut and sesame oils.

Then, added two sliced small carrots and approximately 200 g of chopped Portobello mushrooms.

I let everything simmer for about 3 minutes before I added the chopped Bok Choy and three medium sized garlic cloves. I always crush then chop the garlic cloves before putting them in the pot/pan.

I learned by watching Gordon Ramsay’s show (the one he cooks with his kids, not the one he screams at contestants) that you can get most of the garlic flavor and nutrition by crushing first and then chopping the cloves. Since they cook very quickly; hence, burn just as fast, it’s safest to put the garlic in the pan with the leafy ingredient, such as Bok Choy (or spinach, for example). These cook quickly as well and you want to keep as much of their nutrition as possible. So, you must cook them for a very short time, just enough for the leaves to wilt a little.

Add a little bit of water to the cooking to make the sauce. I added about 50 ml.

As the ingredients cook, crack the eggs and cover the pan with a lid.

To make soft yolk eggs, leave the ingredients cooking with the lid on for three to four minutes at medium to low heat.

For the Sauce

1 teaspoon of monosodium glutamate (Chinese salt)

2 tbl spoons Coconut oil

Drizzle of Sesame oil

1 teaspoon of molasses

1 teaspoon of dark sauce

Black pepper as you please

The preparation of this dish took me about 30 minutes.

Mushroom stir fry

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