Everything in between

Oh, spring!

Spring is just around the corner!

Days are longer and warmer.
Flowers and birds all around.
Life is coming back after three months that felt like three years!

I treat spring time similarly to what a lot of people do on new year’s: I commit to a “spring resolution”.

As the days got warmer, I began to have the energy again to be outdoors more often and, consequently, to exercise.

I am very proud of myself that I went for a run today.

It wasn’t planned. I didn’t wake up saying to myself: That’s it! Today is the day I will go back to exercising!

The will to run came over me naturally. I took the dogs for a walk like I normally do when the weather is good. I took them to a nearby park and what started as a game with Rocky, Wookie and Jack became a work out.

Not bad for the first time in god knows how many months!

Not to mention that the dogs simply love to chase me – or anything that moves fast. They are Terriers after all.

I came home feeling full of energy. I made myself some lunch (a homemade pasta dish that I prepared a few nights ago and left in the freezer) and cleaned up the chicken coop – a daily chore.

Then, I started working on taking food pictures for my new venture, my soon to be legit business Let Me Cook4U​. Even though it’s still taking baby steps, I am using some of the free time I have to study dishes, spice combinations, cooking blog lingo and, most importantly, how to take good food pictures.

First: why Cooking lingo? Writing well is very important to me. I come from a long line of great writers (not that they are famous book authors or anything like that. Although my sister and my father have won writing and dissertation awards, my great-aunt is a published author with several story and poetry books. No pressure!).

So, I do take writing seriously and I work hard to improve it day after day. Not too sure how great of I job I’m doing, but I’m trying.

Besides, I had some friends comment on the fact that my blog writing is a bit detached from, I guess, what “normal” people (non-academics) would like to read. So, I am basically unlearning that academic, objective and distant way of writing and learning to communicate to a completely different audience. That’s been a hug but exciting challenge too!

So, after I’m finished with the mornings tasks for my part-time, I move on to working on Let Me Cook 4U. It’s amazing how much support I’m getting from friends, family and random people. I definitely feel as if I’ve rediscovered myself. Recipe ideas pour out and if I don’t control myself, I’ll spend the entire day in the kitchen creating dishes and trying out other people’s recipes.

Spring has this effect on me. Sure, my allergies also come back with a vengeance. But I do prefer sneezing to freezing.

Today’s weather even allowed me to take my first outdoor food photo surrounded by  our three dogs, of course. They were waiting the opportunity to find food scraps on the ground.

I also took some photos of flowers in our garden and at the park.

Check them out.

Rocky waiting for the chance to eat the chocolate and coconut granules I used to decorate the vegan cappuccino I made today.

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