Vegan Creamy Mushrooms and Yam

Ever longed for that creamy mushroom dish that normally comes with the traditional English breakfast?

Well, I did. Until I learned how to make the vegan version.

I missed being able to order a nice full breakfast, without the bacon and sausages of course. I love scrambled eggs and hash browns, so they stay.

However, having regular creamy mushrooms at cofe shops became harder and harder to swallow for some unknown reason to me. The few times I had them at restaurants and cafes, I felt sick afterwards. Could be from the fat the mushrooms were cooked in. Could be from the evaporated cow milk. Who knows? I just know that I stopped ordering creamy mushrooms.

But I refused to get by without them! So, after trying a few different ingredients to thicken the sauce and (ground nuts, coconut cream among others), hence, to make the mushrooms “creamy”, I found that using maize was the best option for me.

Maize, or corn starch, doesn’t give any smell or leave any taste in the food. A tea spoon thickens the sauce just enough to give that creamy texture as the sauce becomes flavorful from the mushrooms or other ingredients that you might use.

Maize is also gluten free, so no tummy ache afterwards! A huge plus in my opinion.

Today, I added yam instead of potatoes, and homegrown spinach to the sauce.

Yum yum!

Quick and easy recipe. Serves two very hungry people:

200 g of white button mushrooms

2 medium size yams

1/2 onion

Spinach (I used about 6 leaves)

1 tea spoon of maize

Salt, black pepper and some homegrown spring onion.

In a medium size pot, put enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pot. Cooked the chopped half onion for three minutes in medium heat.

Add the chopped yam, salt and pepper. Cover the pot with its lid and cook the ingredients for another three minutes or until yams are soft (more like al dente than soft).

Add the chopped spring onion and mushrooms, and add about 1/4 cup of water. Let everything cook for 2-3 minutes. Then, add the maize and stir until the sauce is turns creamy.

Add the chopped spinach and mix everything for a minute or two, just enough for the spinach to shrink a little.


I had my creamy mushrooms and yam on a rice flour flat bread.

Super filling and healthy. I didn’t feel hungry for hours, and even when I did get hungry, I didn’t feel starving, like I used to get when I had normal bread. Nor did I have any craving for sweets. Yams, spinach, gluten free bread: Very nutritious!

Perfect!Vegan Creamy Mushrooms

3 thoughts on “Vegan Creamy Mushrooms and Yam”

  1. Adorei! Muito legal ver que você está testando as receitas não somente para aperfeiçoar o sabor, mas também para melhorar a digestão! As fotos ficaram lindas!
    (PS: não entendi o significado da expressão usada por você na primeira frase… “Éverton Longen”. )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oi, tia!! Que bom falar com a senhora via blog 🙂 Sim, meu objetivo é fazer pratos fáceis, rápidos e de fácil digestão. Na primeira frase, eu digo “você sente falta de comer aquele prato tipico do café da manhã inglês, os cogumelos cremosos”. Beijão!


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